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Who do I work with?

Who do I work with?

Generally speaking, as a coach I work with women and queer people of all genders. That being said, if there is a cis-het man who thinks that working with me in particular will be beneficial to him and his journey, I am open to exploring that possibility. I tend to do the best work with people who have intersections which run alongside mine: queer, trans, in recovery, anti-diet culture, anti-diet, HAES (health at every size), sober, sober curious, living with anxiety, spoonies, feminists, neuro-spicies, navigating major life changes, ‘in grief’ – and those who know, love and/or work with them. This isn’t a shopping list on which all boxes must be ticked to work with me, but to give a general flavour of the kind of people with whom my work and I tend to have the most satisfying and powerful results. I work either with ‘the main characters’ directly, or with those in their entourage (who are the main characters in their own lives!) who want to navigate their person’s struggles and triumphs and evolutions as gently and kindly as possible for all concerned.

By Jo Walduck

I'm a life, business and recovery coach working remotely from the Normandie seaside in France. I work with people from all walks of life, particularly those at the intersections of queerness, transness, eating disorders and disordered eating, burnout, illness, addiction, neurodiversity and grief. Sound fun? It actually can be!
I work in English mostly, but also in French, and I'm always open to discussing new projects with new people!

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