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Cost, Payment Plans, Sliding Scales

Usually for clients paying their own invoices, the contract will be worked out on a basis of €100 per session. A different tariff is applied when the invoices are being treated by an employer or insurance, and will be determined on an individual basis. Payment plans are available, the options are to pay everything upfront, to pay in two instalments, or to pay for the first and final two sessions upfront, with subsequent payments for every session before the two final sessions.

Sliding scale reductions are offered (especially to beings from the LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and disability communities, single parents and unemployed people), subject to discussion, availability, and mutual agreement. I always want clients to see our work together as a big investment in themselves, but I also want my work to be available and accessible to people when they need it most while modelling financial self-respect and boundaries of time, energy and access. The freely-accessible work I do online is funded and supported by donations to my Patreon, which allows me stability and the ability to give back to others in need. If you are interested in joining this (it is a pre-requisite for joining The Deep Duckpond), you can find the various tiers, benefits and support systems available at

By Jo Walduck

I'm a life, business and recovery coach working remotely from the Normandie seaside in France. I work with people from all walks of life, particularly those at the intersections of queerness, transness, eating disorders and disordered eating, burnout, illness, addiction, neurodiversity and grief. Sound fun? It actually can be!
I work in English mostly, but also in French, and I'm always open to discussing new projects with new people!

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