Contract Details

Contract details

How do the contracts work?

This will depend on the client, and who’s paying the bill. As I am a certified business and life coach – all coaching (including recovery coaching) should theoretically be able to be submitted to HR as part of a coaching/training package provided by your employer and potentially some private insurance companies.

There is usually an initial consultation where we’ll uncover and explore what you want to work towards and decide if it’s a good fit for us to work together on this specific topic at this specific time. A first contract is normally comprised between 8 and 12 sessions, with sessions to be held every week or two. After completing the initial contract, we may decide to move on separately from that specific topic and/or our coaching relationship, we may move towards ‘maintenance’ sessions (every two to four weeks), to sign an additional contract to further develop the initial work, or a new contract altogether to work towards a new, separate goal. Any subsequent contracts could be weekly or biweekly (the monthly sessions are reserved for ‘maintenance’ work) and could be anywhere between 8 and 20 sessions long.

There is a clause in every contract explaining that – should the client wish to bring a premature end to the coaching relationship, the final two sessions initially planned must be paid for, and should be attended wherever possible. This ensures an opportunity for closure, with mutual growth and understanding coming from these sessions.

By Jo Walduck

I'm a life, business and recovery coach working remotely from the Normandie seaside in France. I work with people from all walks of life, particularly those at the intersections of queerness, transness, eating disorders and disordered eating, burnout, illness, addiction, neurodiversity and grief. Sound fun? It actually can be!
I work in English mostly, but also in French, and I'm always open to discussing new projects with new people!

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